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Our Daily Bread Community Outreach Center, Inc (ODBCOC)is a faith-based community center that was established in November 9, 2004. ODBCOC set out to empower, equip, and edify females through its Reaching-Out Program: Healthy Choices.  In doing so, ODBCOC targeted young girls and young ladies who were challenged with: poverty, illiteracy, lack of parenting due to single or imprisioned parents, and limited resources.

 Mission: empowering and equipping youth and young adults with postsecondary education  and job training skills
 Vision building mature, independent, and responsible youth and young adults to be productive and successful  for F.U.T.U.R.E. endeavors

ODBCOC began its program in the Milwaukee Public Library with four young girls. For six months, they met bi-weekly in a small forum and discussed problems and challenges that impacted them spiritually, physcially, and socially. After several months of being engaged in candid discussions, Our Daily Bread began to witness positive attitudes and great interactions among young girls. Young ladies began to share openly, supported each other with sincere feedback, and invited friends to join ODBCOC. 

In May 2007, Our Daily Bread moved into its own facility, located at 6400 W. Capitol Dr, Suite 101. With this move, we revamped our Reaching-Out Program and incorporated community services, tutoring, and social activities. New parternships and relationships were also formed through these added services. Our Daily Bread's sponsors increased as we reached out to the community. After three years of services, our current facility had gotten too small for our services; we were compelled to seek a larger facility to accommodate our services.

Also, in March 28, 2008 and August 23, 2008, stories were published in the Milwaukee Courier Journal regarding Our Daily Bread's services.  In August 23, 2008, the Milwaukee Courier Journal also published an article, "How I Changed my Life" by the founder, Lea.  The Community Journal also listed information regarding our program/services in their
April 18, 2012 and May 11, 2012 editions.

In October 2011, Our Daily Bread moved into its new location. With 2500 sq ft facility, young ladies will be engaged in more workshops and training sessions. As a community center, we endeavor to change and shape Milwaukee future, one female at a time. Respect, Independent, Charisma, and Honesty is the organization's philosophy. 

In 2012, we began serving young men in our F.U.T.U.R.E. Program. Now, both males and females partake in the program which includes: computer application, job-training, service learning, customer service. With assistance from our board, volunteers, and community partners, we are keeping HOPE is living and building R.I.C.H. youth.

With over twelve years of services, many young ladies, youth, and young adults have walked through the doors feeling hopeless with no goals or F.U.T.U.R.E. With the community support and our sponsors, we were able to instill hope in the hopelessness and help individuals discover their potential.  Rather a person needs direction, support, encouragement, or just one to talk with while sorting through their problems, we have been an outlet for them. It's a blessing to witness that individuals leave our Center with hope and plans for the future.

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