UnitedHealthCare & Optum
Cargill Company
Athem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Irish Festival Foundation
WI Community Funds
Women of the ELCA
Wal-Mart Foundation
Tools of Empowerment
Dr. Mexton Deacon
Herb Kohl Foundation
Helen Bader Foundation
Linda Gold-Ceasar
John Mahar
Judy Alcott
Romeka Terry
Anne Deanglis
Mr. & Mrs. Frazier
Mr. & Mrs. Reid
Mr. & Mrs. Williamson
Sandra Faine
Patricia Chambers
Evan. Brenda Banks
Natalie Blakley
Jan Fox
Robert Prostek
Lillie Chaney
Larry Jeter
Cassandra Winters
Anita Russ
Mr. & Mrs. Leornard Spicer
Dr. Keith Crawley
Go Riteway Bus Company
Diana's Delivery Service
Lenora Shaw
Mr. Ronald Skarie


In-Kind Donations

AppleBees Restuarant
Green Bay Packers
Mil Bucks
Mil Brewers
Salvation Army
Sentry Foods
Pick & Save
Shree Wilson
City of Mil Neighborhood Services
New Threads of Hope
Meinecke Ace Hardware
Alona Kyle
Cyrstal Green
Maria Grover (Mary Kay Consultant)
Margarita Drumgoole
Lila Blair-Clayton
Thelma Taylor

Debra Dye
Laura Kyle

Women Outreach Coordinator:
Ailsa Stokes

Family Case Workers:

Lilianna L.
Ms. Hill

Computer Tech

Roger Russ
Sandy Flynn

Administrative Support

LaRita Winston-HMO Liaison

Board of Directors

Lea Kyle-Lewis
Founder & CEO

Don Lewis

Marsha McDaniels

Vice President

Connie Handy

Greg Johnson

Yawanda Mccurty
Volunteer Coordinator


Being a non-profit agency, we operate our agency with  the support of awesome sponsors/partners, talented, and dependable Board of Directors, along with  volunteers who are willing to INVEST in our F.U.T.U.R.E. Leaders. 

Thank you for your continued support!


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