Reach One, Teach One Mentoring Program:  

ODBCOC is dedicated to supporting, mentoring, and helping youth break through barriers that hinder them physically, mentally, and socially. We strive to guide, direct, and encourage youth who are challenged with poverty, lack of parental involvement and guidance due to single or imprisoned parents, illiteracy, and limited resources.  Reach One, Teach One Mentoring Program fosters healthy decisions while providing expressive daily life skills, character building, teen pregnancy prevention, and financial empowerment.

In addition to our educational programs, we also endeavor to expose and empower  youth with innovative fun activities and reward them for their hard work.  Our Daily Bread has taken our group for fun-filled social/educational activities to Mall of America, Blue Harbor Water Park, WI Dells just to name a few.  During these outings, some of the participants have an opportunity to  experience new adventures and new places. 

Service Learning:
(volunteer work & court ordered)

ODBCOC's participants are able to give back to their community through volunteer community service work. Over the years, we had the pleasure of assisting City on the Hill, Social Development Commission, Community Tabernacle Baptist Church, St. Ben Community Meal Program, and Share Organization with special projects. In addition to our Service Learning Program, Our Daily Bread has been in partnerships with Justice 2000,  Impact 211, and Judge Mosley with the City of Milwaukee City to assist youth and youth adults with Court-Order Community Service.  It has been a honor helping teens along with young adults gain court-ordered community services and help them gain restoration. In December 2012, we partnered with Salvation Army and assisted them with a State Fair Park Event, Rummage-A-Rama. Also, during the Holidays, Our Daily Bread share loving hands and helped Salvation Army with wrapping Christmas gifts for children and partake with community work at the Annual Christmas Fest on Christmas Day. In 2013, we partnered with Newthreads of Hope and they have been a tremendous blessings to our participants. As we endeavor to assist the community with special projects, we are also training our youth and bring awareness on the  community's needs.


F.U.T.U.R.E., Internship Program:
(Males & Females)

Students in high school have engaged in service learning projects, community volunteer service, computer training, clerical projects,
and receive graduation credits from their schools. As of today, we had the opportunity to work with students at James Groppi School, Madison High School, Transitional High School, Rufus King High School, Milwaukee Lutheran School, North Division, Travis Academy, A New School for Community Service, and Nicolet High School.




 Prenatal Care Coordinator & Child Care Coordinator:
Mommy  & Baby - Live Well, Be Well

Program objective: decrease low birth rates, decrease infant mortality, provide individual educational and nutritional support, and improve health and wellness among teens, young ladies, and women. 

Mission:  Increasing awareness to expectant mothers/new mothers on available community resources and AODA Services

& Baby 
is designed to assist pregnant teens and young ladies gain access to social, educational, vocational, and other services related to being healthy and living well.  To run an efficient and effective program, Our Daily Bread has built meaningful relationships with other Community Agencies that help us meet the needs of our clients.  As a referral source, we refer out clients to partnering agencies for baby items, classes, and workshops. They also refer clients to us for receive one-on-one case management service.  We are grateful for our many community partners because without their assistance we would not be able to meet the needs of our clients. 

Program Partners: Hope Network for Single Mothers, UW Extension Program, Blanket of Love, Heartlove, CareNet, Milwaukee Birthright, Alpha Women Center, ForwardChoice, Sandra Burnett Ministries,  Aurora, African American Breastfeeding Network, The Women Center,  St. Vincent De Paul,  ICare,  Triology Insurance Company,  Athem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Storks and Company. 

Program curricula include:   Healthy eating/cooking habits with UW Extension, Breastfeeding training/workshops with African American Breastfeeding Network and one-on-one breastfeeding training with a Licensed Instructor, Parenting Classes with Blanket of Love, Baby Box, Baby Clothing Incentives from Our Daily Bread's Baby Closet, $25 Client Referral Program, and a host of FREE community activities.

The program is open to expectant mothers and new mothers with babies 30 days old or younger. For more information, call 414-301-3732.

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NEXT FREE COMMUNITY EVENTMommy & Baby - 3rd  Annual  Baby Shower,  8/12/17, 2:30pm-5:30pm

Our Daily Bread has partnered with Hope Network Crib Program. In December 2017, young ladies will be able to retrieve PackNPlay from Hope Network in Menomonee Falls as well as Our Daily Bread.

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