Vision: Building independent, mature, youth for Leadership

Investing in our youth

Our Daily Bread Community Outreach Center, Inc.(ODB) is a faith-based center that was established to inspire, motivate, and guide youth in making healthy decisions.  With the help from many community partners, ODB has the opportunity to share the formula for success and provide tools needed to break away from unhealthy behaviors such as: gangs, teen pregnancy, peer pressure, etc.   

Mission: Empowering and equipping youth and young adults with post secondary education and job-training skills

Through ODB's Youth Empowerment Project (YEP). youth learn how to compose their Resume, Cover Letter, and Reference Sheet. The class also focuses on Customer Service Training along with dressing for success, being accountable, netwoarking, and following up on applications.

Youth - Reach One, Teach One

Genesha finished ODB's Mentoring Program and pursued a Bachelor Degree with UWM - Madison.  When Genesha visits Milwaukee, she reaches out to ODB and reaches out to to ODB with the Reach One Concept and helps us with fundraisers. ODB has launched a new program, Youth Scholarship Program. Former students can apply for a $500 Scholarship for college/tade school. (restriction applies)