Youth & Young Adults Programs

Volunteered Community Services

ODB's participants are able to give back to their communities through volunteer community service. Over the years, we have supported: City on the Hill, Social Development Commission, Community Tabernacle Baptist Church, Share Organization, and Salvation Army with special projects. In addition to reaching out to other agencies, ODB has an annual event that requires assistance from our youth. In November, ODB host a Community Winter Bash.  The event provides free winter clothing to families in need.  This event consist of support from the board, our youth, and community.  Every year, ODB reaches out and provides free warm clothing to approximately 100 individuals.

Court-Order Service Learning Program

Often time, students are entangled with peer pressure or negative environment.  These challenges  may result in unlawful activities and ODB is available to help youth clear their names.  ODB's Service Learning Program has been in partnerships with Justice 2000,  Impact 211, and Judge Mosley with the City of Milwaukee.  Our relationships with these individuals aim to assist youth and youth adults with Court-Order Community Service.  It has been a honor helping teens along with young adults gain court-ordered community services and become productive citizens again. ~Restoration~

Internship Program

 Students in high school and college have engaged in service learning projects.  They have the pleasure of learning new skills and obtain credits for school. Upon completion, students receive letter depicting their community volunteer service efforts. As  of today,  ODB has assisted students from:  James Groppi School, Madison High School, Transitional High School, Rufus King High School, Milwaukee Lutheran School, North Division, Travis Academy, A New School for Community Service, Nicolet High School, MATC, and Cardinal Stritch College. 


PNCC / CCC Services

Prenatal Care (PNCC) and Childcare Coordination Services (CCC) is a free State Program that helps pregnant teens/ladies with resources, clothing, education, Baby Boxes, etc. In addition to the resources, Mommy & Baby- LIev Well, Be Well  have on-going fun-filled  free community events, great Mommy & Baby Incentives, and a  free communiyt pamper program for mothers/fathers in need. 

A Better Us Support Group

A Better Us Support Group is a free social group that focuses on AODA and Mental Health Illnesses among pregnant teens/ladies. A LIcensec Therapist provide resources and referrals to ciients. Young ladies are engaged in candid conversations with positive feedback.Theg goal of A Better Us is to increase community support and decrease infant mortality.  (Attendance incentives available).

PNCC/CCC Partners

ODB is grateful for our community partners who support our mission. We absolutely appreciate  you for your assistance. Thank you again- Families Moving Forward (FMF), Blanket of Love Parenting Class, UW Extension, Hope Network for Single Mothers, Carenet, Milwaukee Birthright, Women Center, Alpha Women Center,  Africa American Breastfeeding Network, and AMRI Counseling.