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Our Daily Bread Community Outreach Center, Inc

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Review our Graduates!

Fostering Higher Education

After being enrolled in our Mentoring Program since 11 years old, Maya is currently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Physcial Therapy at 

Alabama University.  Maya  is successfully maintaining a 3.5 GPA.


Kayla was enrolled in the Mentoring Program for three years. Our Daily Bread engaged her in Customer Service Training, Soft Skills Job-Training. Maya was also introduced to a vast amount of Community Service. As we endeavor to promote education and job-training skills. Kayla graduated from Rufus King in May 2017. She is currently working and pondering her higher education options.

Empowering Youth for the Future


Brionne graduated from Rufus King High School in May 2017, while enrolled in Our Daily Bread's Mentoring Program, she performed an enormous amount of community services and learn new skills. Since graduation, Brionne secured employment and is open-minded with working in different areas to obtain more skills.